New, Top Brand Salon Hair Products and Supplies Are More Affordable Than Ever Before

The economic down turn over the last few years has had very few positive benefits for businesses or consumers. That may be changing with a recent trend of buying inventory from closed or bankrupt businesses below wholesale costs, then offering them over the internet at or near wholesale prices.

The Salon industry is one of those hardest hit by the tough economic times of the last few years. There continues to be numerous closures and bankruptcies in this business area. Previously, a salon going out of business or into bankruptcy would have very few options for their remaining hair product inventory.

Now, there are options. Internet businesses are emerging that buy new and top brand hair products from salon closures and bankruptcies then resell them over the internet at near the wholesale prices originally paid by the salon.

Some of the large, metropolitan markets, with high unemployment and dwindling disposable income have lost from one third to one half of their salon businesses. Some markets in the upper mid west and desert south west have an over abundance of salon hair products in warehouses or stored in garages from failed businesses.

The products are new and, in many cases, from top end manufacturers having robust sells prior to the economic downturn. With the purchase of these products from business owners or bankruptcy debtors at fractions of the original costs, internet marketers can sell them at near wholesale pricing while still covering overhead costs and making a minimal profit.

All hair products are included, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling products, and accessories like combs and brushes. Previously unaffordable top end products that you may have always wanted to try could be in the affordable range.

The opportunity does not end with shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Inventories of hair extensions, professional hair color, in-salon treatments, hair growth products and more are becoming available. This provides an excellent opportunity for professional stylists and colorists to maintain their inventories at costs under the discounts they receive from the local beauty supply centers.

This business approach offers the consumer and hair professionals great opportunity for savings on new and brand name products and supplies. These savings are much needed in this economic environment just to break even.

ENCORE Salon Hair Products offers new, top brand hair products at near wholesale prices. Conditioning and styling products plus accessories are purchased in large lots from closing and bankrupt salons at fractions of the wholesale cost they paid for them. Then ENCORE offers a second appearance of brand name products like Schwarzkopf Bonacure [] cleansing and conditioning and Schwarzkopf OSiS [] styling products at or near wholesale prices.

Don’t miss the buying opportunity on these top brand products that were not affordable in the past. They are now!